Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A few more species off the list and a first ever mullet for Jon

Wylfa Outflow 24/03/2012

The first session of the weekend was at wylfa where I had been advised by garethp to go for a mullet. A big thankyou for all the info, it was appreciated. Myself and Jon started fishing an hour before high using home made 2 hook flappers, with size 8 hooks and fresh rag. Straight from the off we were into fish and the main culprits were blennies, some being no bigger than my little finger. After wading through 6/7 of them though the corkwings started to get involved (top right). Then a mini disaster as I dropped a black goby just before it was in my reach. It took me ages to get one last year so was gutted it fell off and therefore won't count for the species tally :( It was made better on
the next cast though as this fella on the left came in having engulfed the bait. A little tompot blennie (species 20) The fishing then slowed for an hour or so with only corkwings and blennies popping up every so often. We were considering leaving early as the mullet we had come for were nowhere to be seen but a stroke of genious from Jon suddenly sparked a frenzy. He had thrown in the crust off one of his sandwiches and out of nowhere within minutes the cove we were fishing in was full of small mullet. Remembering I had a loaf in the car it was a quick run there and back to find the mullet still happily gauging away on jon's sandwich. For 30 minutes we tried our best to get one of the blighters but all our initial efforts were proving useless. Even the size 8 hooks were seeming to big. I then got the LRF box out as I had just bought some tiny size 12 jigheads. I had to improvise somewhat and used a suspending jighead as a float to keep the bait near where the fish were feeding on the surface. After a few shy nibbles on my bread I watched a mullet take the bait into its mouth so striking instantly I managed a hook up. A lovely little mullet of about 6oz and my first ever UK mullet (species 21). It wasn't long until I had my second mullet and finished with 4, with this one below being the biggest at just under a pound. After I'd had my fun I lent jon my rod so he could have a go
on the lighter gear and he didn't waste the opportunity landing his first mullet ever putting a massive smile on his face. Unfortunately though the camera had decided to run out of battery and I wasnt able to get a photo for him. Changing back to the conventional method of rag on a 2-hook flapper for the last half hour, I managed to add a couple more species to the list. Firstly a ballan wrasse (species 22) and then on my last cast a rock goby (species 23) Again due to the dying of the camera batteries I was unable to get any photos.

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