Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A couple of sessions where it was just nice to be out

 Cymyran and a new rock mark

This was the scene that greeted me on Saturday night at cymyran. It was almost idyllic and I was optimistic for a decent night on the beach. I spent the first 40 minutes beach combing after I had seen a few birds pulling up the razor clams. After my grab and dig approach I managed a nice bag of bout 30 or so before finally deciding to wet the lines. I was after rays so was fishing with long pennel pulley rigs with 4/0's loaded with a nice large sandeel and squid wrap. The fishing never really lived up to the nice conditions unfortunately and after fishing the tide up to high all I had managed to catch was 3 whiting and 2 dogfish. A bit of a disappointment really but will be back there soon after the small eyed's. I did meet another member off the forum whilst I was there though and had a good chat. I believe his name was Mike but unsure what his WSF username is so was nice to meet you if read this.

A new rock mark near Ravens Point : Decided to have a little wander with Andy on the Sunday. The aim was to get a few pollock for Andy's tea and try and up my species tally. We fished pretty much all day with soft plastics and bait at various marks but it wasn't until an hour before sunset Andy had this nice ballan wrasse of 2lb 10oz to a rag bait. You only have to look at that grin to see how happy he was lol. It was after dark though that would produce the most fish. I had only managed a single small pollock but andy had managed to find a nice reef  at 50-60 yards which he pulled 3 pollock off, all in the 38-40cm range. That was his tea sorted. Feeling very tired and having lost a few rigs it was time to go home to bed at around 8pm. I wasn't to get much sleep though as I had plans to be up and out again with a few of the lads for 4am. (report to follow)

Cheers and Tight Lines,

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  1. A cracking report and pics. I currently looking to put the bait away and convert to lure fishing. Updating my kit and lures presently. I wont enitrely pack the bait away as im still looking forward to my Bass fishing jaunts around Newborough and Cemlyn