Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Dabbling into the wonders of LRF

 Ravens Point Area 21/03/2012

After spending the week debating whether to spend a few quid on some LRF gear, I eventually gave in and spent the mass sum of £27 on stocking up with mini soft plastics and jigheads. Heres a picture to give you an indication of the size below. The jighead to the right of the 5p is a size 12 hook on a 1g jighead, absolutely tiny in comparison to the gear I usually opt for. I know to some people this sort of
 fishing seems silly but just for the fun factor of it I would definitely reccommend it to anyone in two minds, plus its redicoulously cheap to get started. Anyway with the gear in my bag I set off to the west coast to have a dabble. The sea was fairly flat with a tiny bit of swell but was almost ideal for this sort of fishing. After dropping down my tiny rag immitation I could see some small stuff having a look at my lures and it wasn't long before a fair sized male shanny gobbled the whole thing down. (species 19).
Even this was exciting on such light gear so I honestly cannot wait to have a go for some big ballans in a month or so's time. Anyway pictured and released it was 5 minutes before a female shanny popped up. This one was a lot smaller than the male shanny and a lot less aggressive.

Through the afternoon I continued to bag up on these smaller fish and eventually after having around 5/6 of each I decided to have a change. I used a slightly larger lure, another ragworm immitation infact, however this time round I fished it with a 2oz bomb at the bottom. The way I rigged it was to use a floating jig head and postion this around a foot above the lead on a 1 foot snood. By doing this I could gurantee the lure would be around 1.5ft off the deck avoiding all of the snags, or at least in theory. On my first cast I got a nice knock
and reeled in this fella on the right. A small pollock. As you can see he obviously liked the lure as it managed to neck the whole thing near enough. I continued to fish in this style for another 30 minutes before eventually calling it a day. Not bad for a first attempt and 2 more species ticked off the list for 2012. To put it into perspective though, Jon who had joined me for the session and had been fishing bait, only managed a single pin whiting in the same period of time. Food for thought for anyone looking to pass the time whilst waiting for that screaming ratchet on a large bait :P

Tight Lines, Ross

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