Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Magic session on the LLeyn

Lleyn Magic

It was that time again to make my weekly night trip down the lleyn to a mark where I've had a number of decent fish in the last few years. That said it had been very quiet on my previous 3 visits all resulting in blanks but there was something in the air last night that gave me a sense of optimism. I'd invited my brother up to North Wales for a session as he had been bored sat at home all week away from the sea. Once again though, this meant I was under pressure to get him a fish after he'd driven for 2 hours to get here. Off to the mark we went and arrived around an hour before low water. Conditions were not ideal at first with a big swell meaning we couldn't access the flatter
ledges I like to fish off at first. We fished the last hour of the ebb to no avail and with not a single sign of a fish either which was a bit demoralising. However around 20 minutes after low the ledges became accesible and the swell had died down nicely. Things were looking up! We both kept at it changing lures every 15-20 minutes or so and working all depths hoping for that nice bit of resistance. I switched to the legendary 12.5cm savage gear sandeel and after 4 casts, BANG, fish on and it was going mental. After a cracking tug-of-war it was at my feet so I careful used the swell to beach it on the rocks besides me. It was a lovely fish and my first decent Shirley of the year. It weighed in at 4lb 14oz and went 62cm on the TLF ruler. Took a few photos and watched her swim off to battle another day. Finally a fish on the board for Team Bassasaurus Rex, get in. This was to kick start another epic bass session of which I've had a few of recently. Withing ten minutes I had my second fish of the evening at around 2lb. Number 3 came a few casts later again at around the 2lb mark before I had a minor tragedy when snagging up and losing my lure. Its a good job I have 3 spares :)  This period however was to prove very rewarding for one sneaky little customer stood to my left. Very nicely, I had pointed him to the spot I had been casting and whilst I was re-doing my leader etc he took full advantage of the opportunity and nipped in for a few chucks. I couldn't believe it when on his second cast he hooked up. This was a strange one though as he said it wasn't pulling much and didn't feel that big.  I had expected to see a schoolie pop up but as it reached the rocks his rod started arching with the weight of the fish and a proper bass came into my sight. I can't believe his luck at the moment. It was landed fairly easily and I knew from the off it was bigger than his fish from South Devon last week which incidently was his new PB at the time. For the second time in a fortnight
he'd outdone me but as he doesn't get chance to fish all that often for bass it's always nice for me to see him catching even if he does get the big girls lol. On the scales she went and after fluctuating a little it settled on 6lb 11oz, an impressive 1lb 10oz bigger than his PB of last week. It would be criminal not to mention that this is only his 2nd fish on his new rod and both of them have been in excess of 5lb, incredible. Anyway we both cracked on with fishing and I went on to land another 4 fish with the biggest again going just over 4lb. Didn't bother taking photos though as they were smaller than my first one and I wanted to release them as quick as possible. We called it a day shortly after mid-water and headed back to the car in a great mood. My brother managed to split his pants though on the way back adding some humour to the night. Think I'm gonna gonna aptly name him calamity Sam from now on.

Hope you enjoyed the read,
Tight Lines,


  1. Outstanding fishing, great report. Nice one !!

  2. congratulations once again to both you and your brother,brillant report,lovely fish,when we going LOL. see u on the rocks soon and keep up the good work.