Friday, 27 April 2012

Rough conditions mean one thing - BASS

Having woken up yesterday morning with a slight hangover, I hadn't planned on fishing, but I'd had a message off webbo on the forum asking if I wanted to join him for a bass session and couldn't really say no. He'd offered to drive so come 5.30 I got picked up from Bangor by webbo and his mate John and we headed off to get Hayden(chiefbeef). Once everyone was on board we headed off to the mark stopping only for a much needed greasy takeaway on the way. We arrived around 7.30ish and began our walk down to the spot full of confidence. Conditions were good with the North Westerlies creating a nice swell in front of us, just what was hoped for. Spreading ourselves out a bit, we set up a rod each and chucked out short into the oncoming waves. I opted to start with a Portsmouth loop rig (advised by webbo) with some juicy peeler as bait and after a short wait I had a sharp knock. Unfortunately the bite never esculated though and I had to admit it was gone and reel in to re-bait. Signs of fish though atleast! Further across the beach though, Hayden was having no such problems and had hooked into his first fish of the night. As it popped out of the surf we could see that it was our target species, the bass and we all thought this was going to be a very productive night, especially when shortly after Hayden was in again and bass number 2 was landed. The rest of us started to wander what we were doing wrong but kept at it all the same, re-baiting every 15-20 minutes and just hoping for that tell tale smash and grab take. True to form Hayden was in again around half an hour later, this time though with an annoying dogfish hanging on the end. We had been down there at this point for around two and a half hours and still I'd had just the one knock on my first cast. Another half hour flew by and as the tide had started to push us up the shore a bit, Webbo had a nice knock and struck into his first bass of the session. Hayden had his 3rd bass as well in this period and now around 11ish was when I finally had a good take and was into my first fish of the night. Low and behold though it was not a bass but a horrible skinny doggie, how devastating. I was starting to think this just wasn't my night until shortly before midnight, I finally managed bass number 1 to a crab bait. Then 10 minutes later I was in again and bass 2 came up the shingle and shortly after Webbo also had bass number 2. This was more like it but as soon as they came they went again and we were left waiting another hour for a fish. Then Webbo had another good hit and was into something a little meatier, but unfortunately whatever it was threw the hook in the surf about 2 rod lengths out much to everyones disappointment. We all continued our pursuit and were rewarded with plenty of dogfish between us.
The last bass of the night fell to John, his first bass ever and a much deserved fish for his efforts. Dangling along side his bass though was a pin whiting which I was kindly given as bait. I chucked the whiting out in hope of something decent and hadnt noticed any knocks at all, but on retrieving it there was a definite added weight. It wasn't there long though and I was left to haul in what was now a whiting in two seperate bits, the majority of its mid-section completely gone lol. We called it quits after a few more doggies and now approaching 3am. Not a bad session on the whole and a few more bass for the tally as well as 3 new faces to go fishing with again. They all seemed good blokes as well so I have a feeling it won't be long before were back on the bass together.

P.s Lack of pictures is due to not wanting to ruin my camera in the drizzle and a lack of battery life.

Tight Lines,

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