Wednesday, 7 November 2012

An opportunist session in Dorset

As the 1st November rolled around, myself and Lee were in the car and on our way down to Poole to catch the ferry, Scott was set to meet us in Jersey after flying over the previous day. Six hours after leaving North Wales we were at the port and both very excited, at least until the dreaded text came through just an hour before we were set to sail to inform us the ferry was cancelled. So after evaluating our options and having a good moan, we decided to  make the most of our day and get the LRF gear out. First stop was Poole harbour where both myself and Lee bashed out a few gobies each, Lee adding two new species to his yearly list with rock goby and black goby. The wind then decided to pick up a little making controlling the light gear much harder. The result was a short drive to Weymouth where we hoped for a few more new species. We made our

way to the breakwater at the mouth of the port, fishing the seaward side to avoid the wind as best as possible. There were plenty of fish taking a liking to our Isome and Gulp but after failing to connect, we both downsized the jigheads. The impact was instant and before long I was hauling out fish after fish, the majority being small pout. Thrown in the mix though were a number of corkwings, a scorpion fish, a few poor cod, a tompot blenny and this slightly better ballan wrasse of around 3/4lb. Lee was struggling to hook anything but eventually managed to winkle out a few corkwings before after a good wait, he finally landed a pouting, his 3rd new species of the trip. The bitter wind finally got the better of us after 3 hours fishing so we left Weymouth to once again visit Poole ferry terminal where we would spend the night attempting to sleep in my car, unsuccessfully.

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