Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Scottish Adventures Part 1 : Aberdeen with Wyness

 The first leg of my journey to the Northern Quarters saw me visiting Ad in his new home for 3 years, Aberdeen. Being completely clueless about where to start, we had originally made plans to have a go for sea trout but after finding out it is illegal to fish for them on Sundays (our first day), a change of plan was in order. We decided to wander a bit of coastline to the South and after a short walk we found a few more anglers to go and have a chat with. The pair of anglers, Matty and John were targeting a variety of fish with pollack and codling being the main quarry. It wasn't long before Matty had his first pollack of around 2-3lb on feathers so myself and Ad quickly ran back to the car to get the gear, Returning just 15 minutes later Matty had already managed a nice codling to add to his catch and John had also had his first pollack of the day. Rigging up a variety of weedless soft plastics on a deep spinning rig, we were both getting a good number of takes and at the end of the session I'd notched up a tally of 9 pollock to 3.5lbs whilst Ad had managed a macky and a codling. Matty and John were doing well on the bait also with a good haul of decent codling and a few
macky and pollack thrown in. As soon as the tide started running though the fishing died so we threw in the towell and went for a few bevvies. The following day we returned with some stronger tackle to target some of the better ones we had lost the day before. I met with John and Matty again down at the mark with the pair of them opting for lighter spinning tackle this time around. The scene was set but after a good few hours and just a couple of smaller fish to show for our efforts we had a short break. Over the hill came Ad after his morning meeting and almost instantly the fish came on. The better fish were now beginning to show again and after a few more small ones, I managed my best of the session at roughly 4lb. Matty managed to capture a nice action shot for me and then a photo of the fish after it had been landed. Ad was
getting plenty of takes but again couldn't manage any pollack so I gave him a small red tailed sidewinder to try. He lost a fish on his first cast but the fish didn't get so lucky the second time and Ad got a real nice fish of around 6lb (left) which broke his PB. This was to be the best pollock of the trip but Ad lost a fish he thinks may have been bigger. Meanwhile John and Matty were happily working the lures getting a good haul of pollock until Matty's rod arched over into what we thought was a big pollock. After a spirited fight though, we saw the culprit, a crakker of a codling at around the 5lb mark. What a place and to think this was the only mark we'd tried. This area has a lot of potential for a giant and I'll be back visiting shortly no doubt to try and beat a few of my own PB's.

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