Friday, 24 February 2012


Amlwch Breaky 22//02/2012

Been a week since I've got out properly to do some fishing. I had a quick chuck with steve to test out a few new plugs and soft plastics but catching a fish was always gonna be unlikely. Nice to see how the lures work with different retrieves though so will take that knowledge with me when the fish do come on. Anyway, decided to avoid the strong South Westerlies by heading up to the breaky at amlwch. I had originally planned on fishing Llam Carw but there were a few chavvy looking lads on the ledge I wanted so gave that a miss. Fished it over high water with the sole intention of catching a few mini's down the margins. Got down there to find another couple of blokes fishing and they had also just arrived. So I set up and went about it my way with baited feathers fished tight to the wall whilst the other chaps cast out there bait into the channel. After having a little chat I realised they were fairly regular to the mark but obviously were not very knowledgable as to the variety of things that show up down the margins. One of them even came out with this, 'I don't know why your fishing the margins, theres no fish there' to which I could only reply with 'We shall see.' It was all a bit of friendly banter and it turned into a little competition with there even being a little stake involved. Anyone who knows me well, will know that when competition is involved I become a different angler, the layed back approach disappears and I fish hard. So now focused on the prize I started fishing. The other chaps thought this was easy money and were laughing at my efforts down the side. There faces soon changed though when after 5 minutes I pulled up a little pollock. 1-0 to me :)  Even though fishing has been slow recently I was expecting the other two to get a steady flow of whiting. They were getting more than enough bites but were failing to hook up each time though which I was fairly amused at. We had agreed that it would just be a 2-hour match so I chose not to tell them to use smaller hooks til after the match, cheeky I know but as there was a £5 in it, I kept stum. The fish down the margins were not biting as much as I'd hoped though and after the first hour I had only managed a measly 3 pollock. The good thing was it was 3 more fish than the others had landed so couldn't complain. I stepped up my game though for the second hour though and having switched to the outside wall I changed rig to something a little more jazzy (tonnes of beads and sequins) with tiny size 16 hooks and dropped down the side. It was much better fishing there and the little pollock were loving the tiny slithers of rag as well as plenty of tiny poor cod and a solitary codling. One of the poor cod measured a whopping 6cm lol. The other lads did manage a lonely whiting but when the final tallies were added up it looked like this.

Myself: 11 pollock, 6 poor cod, 1 codling.
The 2 other lads (I forgot there names: my bad): 1 whiting.

So I left the breaky a very happy man and a £5 up. A good session I would say and I think it was definitely me that had the last laugh. Sorry for the lack of photos, I was so keen to win the match I didn't bother taking any. Hopefully I have opened their eyes to the magic of the margins.

Cheers for reading,
Tight Lines, Ross

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